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”Honestly, this company was a real life saver. I called and they told me a cab would be there to pick me up in 10, which he did. The driver was courteous and drove me to the entrance of my building. When I asked for change, he showed it to me in the light so I could see I was getting the right amount back. Quick, clean, and courteous, that's all I want in a cab company so I'll definitely be calling them again.”
-Sarah R.
“Great service !!! I used this cab company 6 times and found there cab fares to be the cheapest in Champaign. Called an hour ahead to get a cab to the airport. The man that answered the phone was polite he told me they were pretty booked but he would fit me in and he did !!! Other cab companies in Champaign are private and will take you to the cleaners. I highly recommend this cab company !!! Thank You for your excellent service.....”
– Mike. G

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